Keep Engaged With Your Customers

Why Wi-Fi Marketing

Convert guests into Customers quickly by using our Wi-Fi Marketing program.  Increase sales by adding a point of contact with your Customers.  Statistics show that there is a 2% to 3% increase in sales with the addition of each contact point between your Business and your Customers.

Lower Customer acquisition costs while increasing the quality of your leads.

Custom Splash Page

We offer Custom Splash Pages for all Customers aligned with your brand.  You can also use your own designs.  Catch their attention immediately while they are onsite as well offsite.

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Engage Your Customers

Wi-Fi Marketing

Are You Using Your Wi-Fi Service To It's Full Potential?

We help local businesses grow!

With an increasing number of Consumers staring at their mobile phones and tablets 5 to 7 hours a day it is more important now than ever before to engage with them where they interact.

For years businesses have offered Free Wi-Fi at their businesses but most do not take advantage of the direct marketing potential.  Take your Customers and your Business to a new level of engagement beyond traditional guest Wi-Fi connection.

We will provide analytics that will drive your location-based marketing initiatives.

Reward repeat and first-time Customers.  Serve marketing content based on time of day or during promotions.

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Your Account Representative will help to show you how to:

  • Build your email and mobile # lists
  • Grow your social media presence
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Attract New Customers

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Custom Splash Page

Grab Their Interest

Go beyond offering free Wi-Fi service.  Engage with your Customers using creative marketing initiatives.


Keep the branding consistent whith what you already have in place.  


Use our artwork or your own.  The Reach Blue Wi-Fi Marketing platform will take your Customer connections to a new level.

Reach Blue Wi-Fi Marketing Benefits



Customers opt-in using their email address, mobile number or Facebook.

Send Marketing Promotions


Market to your Customers while they are on-site as well after they have left your location.

No App Required On Either Platform


We make it easy for you to encourage your Customers to use your Wi-Fi service.  It's App free!

Increase Loyalty & Engagement


Incentivise them to come back to your location to earn rewards.  Creatively keep your Customers engaged with your business.

Marketing Opportuntities


Market to your Customers with email campaigns, retargeting or with SMS, (text messaging).  It doesn't get any easier.



Track every time they are within range of your Wi-Fi service as well how long they are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Marketing with Reach Blue! Monetize your Wi-Fi starting today!

Combine Our Marketing Technologies & Take Your Business To The Next Level

Your Reach Blue Account Representative will advise you on how your business can maximise it's marketing potential by setting up and using both the Reach Blue Geofence Marketing Services and the Reach Blue Wi-Fi Marketing Product.  Contact Us to schedule your call with us.

Wi-Fi equipment purchased by the Customer will vary based on the placement at their locations.

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