Duplicate yourself with REach Blue Geofencing

What are we seeing?

Realtors are experiencing first hand how powerful Reach Blue Geofencing can be.    Direct mail is very expensive, the turnaround time is slow and the ROI is typically less than 1%.

We've introduced an industry-first Digital Direct Mail option for Realtors. For the same budget that you've been accustomed to using for your direct mail efforts we can increase your contact points by more than 100x by using our Digital Direct Mail.

Billboards are clunky and frankly old means of reaching Buyers and Sellers.

Reach Blue Geofencing will allow you to map an area as small as a 5' x 5' space on up to as large of an area to serve your Ads up to 30 days after your campaigns begin.

Geofence places like:

  • Banks and credit unions
  • Major Intersections
  • Other Broker Offices
  • New Communities / model homes

There really is no limit.  Your Ads will be served up on more than 600,000+ Aps over a 30 day period.

We can track the number of impressions as well the number of people that physically go to your office after they have opened your Ad.

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