The Power of Location-Based Marketing


Mobile Marketing begins with a gameplan. Our Team will help

We Are Not Advocates Of A One Size Fits All Approach

Geofence Marketing is changing the way businesses connect with New Customers.  Every business has there own current strategies and models that work for them that are aligned with Reach Blue.  Our Team approaches each Customer as though they are our first.  We want to help integrate our technologies into your current marketing model.

We want to ask the right questions first then advise you on the best first steps to take.  Geofence Marketing is powerful and affordable.  It's simple.  It's easy.  It's low maintenance - we will be handling all of the heavy-lifting for you.  It's our job to advise you on ways to get an edge on your competition.

We will assign an Account Representative to work with you on your message and URL to use to get the most out of your campaigns.  Mobile Marketing includes Geofence Marketing and Wi-Fi Marketing.  Our Team will help you to select the blended balance needed to stay within budget while maximizing your returns.

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We are also Google Partners and along with our strategic partners we can also offer you free or discounted website design and discounted Merchant Services. 

Location-based Marketing Reach Doesn't Stop at Your Store


Geofence the locations where your Customers frequent.

Reach Blue Geofence Marketing is a hyper-focused approach to target local Customers.  The days of casting a broad net are a thing of the past.  Concentrate on your target audiences and serve your ads right to their phones, tablets and computers.


Increase your local visibility.

Your Account Representative will give suggestions of locations to target.  They will demonstrate how we guide Customers to take a blended approach to drive brand visibility.


Do you want to grow into new territories?

We help moving companies by targeting the locations where their Customers are thinking about their services: Real Estate Offices, Mortgage Offices. Apartment Complexes, New Home Communities, etc.  Reach your targeted Customers with Reach Blue Geofence Marketing Services.

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