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Send a Notification about your business to their mobile phones or tablets while they are nearby.


The Power of Location-Based Notifications

Get Their Attention

It starts with a teaser message and a link to your landing page.  It's all downhill from there.

One Flat Fee

There isn't a more simple nor more powerful marketing tool - no limit to your messaging.

Endless Number of Applications

Whether you are driving sales or pushing good information - there is no limit to what you can do.

Mobile Marketing begins with a gameplan. Our Team will help

We Are Not Advocates Of A One Size Fits All Approach

This form of marketing is changing the way businesses connect with New Customers.  Every business has there own current strategies and models that work for them that are aligned with Reach Blue.  Our Team approaches each Customer as though they are our first.  We want to help integrate our technologies into your current marketing model.

We want to ask the right questions first then advise you on the best first steps to take.  The technology is great.  It's simple.  It's easy.  It's low maintenance and its affordable.  It's our job to advise you on ways to get an edge on your competition.

We will assign an Account Representative to help determine how many tiles you need and the best place(s) to place them.  They will also work with you on your message and URL to use to get the most out of your campaigns.

Mobile Marketing includes proximity marketing and Wi-Fi Marketing.  Our Team will help you to select the balance needed to stay within budget while maximizing your returns.

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We are also Google Partners and along with our strategic partners we can also offer you free or discounted website design and discounted Merchant Services. 

Product Info - You Now Have More Choices!

Long-Range Outdoor Marketing Tiles

1000' Range

3" x 3"

Battery Life: Up to 2 yrs


Does not require cellular data nor a Wifi connection.

Send up to 40 characters plus a URL address as a Notification.

Pocket Marketing Tiles

165' Range

2" x 2"

Battery Life: Up to 2 yrs

 Does not require cellular data nor a Wifi connection.

Send up to 40 characters plus a URL address as a Notification.

Keychain Marketing Tiles

80' Range

1.5" x 1.5"

Battery Life: Up to 5 mos


Does not require cellular data nor a Wifi connection.

Send up to 40 characters plus a URL address as a Notification.

What is Location-Based Marketing?

Location-Based Marketing

(According to Wikipedia) "Proximity Marketing is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a particular place. Transmissions can be received by individuals in that location who wish to receive them and have the necessary equipment to do so. "

Today, (using software we developed) Customers can orchestrate custom marketing campaigns one location at a time.  Using your Customer Portal - your Notification message is changed in seconds.  Your landing page supports both custom HTML designs as well an editable user-friendly format with your branding at the top.  From the landing page you can drive traffic to your website, social media, etc.

Each Marketing Tile can have the same Notification and Landing Page or they can each broadcast something different.  It's all manageable through your Customer Portal.

Our service is affordable and flexible.  No long term agreements here - our service is subscription-based month to month.

Are you a seasonal business?  No problem - let us know when you what your Marketing Tiles to broadcast your Notifications and when you want them off.

Don't limit your marketing capabilities to just your office address - give them to your Referral Partners.  Wherever they are they can be broadcasting your Notifcations.

Reach Blue In The Real World

How It Works

3 Simple Steps That Will Get You Started With Reach Blue

  • Reach Blue will provide you with as many Marketing Tiles as you need to broadcast your marketing message.
  • Your Account Representative will guide you on how to compose your marketing messages and assign them to each Marketing Tile.
  • The Marketing Tile is now ready to start sending your message to all nearby phones.

Location-based Marketing Reach Doesn't Stop at Your Store

Place Your Marketing Tiles With Referral Partners

Don't rely on your Referral Partners to always hand out your tri-fold brochures or business cards for you.  Make everyone's life easy and give them one of your Marketing Tiles and let the devices do all of the work for you!

While You Drive Around Your Territory...

going to a Customer's home to do their Pest Control.  You can also have another tile on your key chain and be marketing to other local Customers while you are treating their home for insects.

When Your Moving Trucks Are Parked On Site...

you can market your company to additional local Customers encouraging them to book their upcoming move now while the time slot is available.

Powerful Marketing Tools

Real World Application Using A Reach Blue Marketing Tile

Life happens.  We all get into our own daily routines and often forget to do things that we know we need to do.  Something as simple as an oil change for example.  With Reach Blue we will not only help to remind local Customers about your oil change services but we will also drive awareness of your location.

Local Customers will receive a gentle tap on their shoulder through our Bluetooth tile while they are shopping nearby.   Let them know about your promotions and incentives.

Serve up content where they are staring 5 plus hours a day.  right on their mobile phones and tablets.

Long-Range Marketing Tiles will broadcast up to 1000' in any given direction.  Pocket Marketing Tiles will broadcast wup to 165' in any given direction.

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