Car Dealers Love Reach Blue Geofencing


Don't you wish you were that fly on the wall?

How many times have you said that to yourself?  If you could have just been there to hear the other guy's pitch - you would have had a chance to sell a car to that Customer.  Well now you can because we can geofence your competitors locations.  You will be able to send your Ad straight to their phone!  That should get your heart pumping.


Are you still using one of these? Why?

Of course they are expensive and yes there are only so many of them available.  Let's not forget if the traffic or weather is bad nobody is even looking at them.  There is a life-cycle to every product and this one is on it's way out.  The days of serving content directly to Consumers phones where they focus 5+ hours a day is here and now!  We track the number of eyes on each of your Ads as well we can track when they physically go to your locations.


Increase foot traffic today

Leads are gold to any sales organization.  The more plate appearances you have the greater the likelihood for you to get on base or hit some home runs.  Get started with Reach Blue Geofence services and see your sales grow.

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Car dealers step up their marketing game with reach blue