Retail Stores Are Using Reach Blue Geofencing


Increase Seasonal Traffic and Visibility

Many retail businesses make 70% or more of their annual sales around Christmas.  As there is such a high level of competition it is even more important to find that edge over the other stores.  Reach Blue Geofencing is used to serve up your Ads to hundreds of thousands of phones - the most popular place Consumers stare every day.


How To Be A Standout

Traditional marketing methods - radio, television, direct mail, and outdoor are expensive.  Most importantly - they do not include any analytics.

Reach Blue Geofencing is all about analytics and conversion rates.  We include reports that define the number of impressions, (eyes on your ads) as well the number of people that received your Ad that physically went to your store.  Things that the aforementioned platforms cannot provide.

We also offer retargeting through Facebook and Google.


The Biggest Holiday Season Comes Once A Year

This is your time to strike.  Don't wait 12 months to decide why this makes sense.  Contact us to set up a demo with you now!

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