Reach Blue Geofencing Will Help You Find Customers

It's A Fact Of Life

Everyone needs transportation and that same transportation they use daily needs to be maintained.  Even when it is maintained unforeseen things happen - flat tires, belts break , or electrical problems.

Of course you want new Customers and repeat Customers.  But what are you doing to get them?  What are you doing to get your brand in front of them?

Reach Blue Geofencing will allow you to send Ads about your business to phones in your territory.

One of our Account Representatives will speak with you about your gameplan.  Next we will design your Ads and built your Geofence Campaign.

We will tee them up for you.  This is more effective than direct mail, outdoor advertising, radio and television.  WHY?  Because we are serving up those ads where Consumers stare for 5+ hours a day.  Right on their phones!

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Unfortunately this happens daily.  You know they are going to call someone for help with their car - let Reach Blue Geofencing make your business the one they call.

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Creatively Get the Word Out

Geofence local Car Dealers

Serve up your content where nearby Customers are located.

Geofence Your Competitors

Strategically broadcast your offer to Customers while they visit your competition.

Geofence busy parking lots

Give customers a reason to do business with you.